The tearing down an existing house and replacing it with one that is bigger, especially one that is much larger than the surrounding houses.
Example Citation:
Today, if Goldilocks were to visit 21st-century America, she might well be amazed at the predominance of Papa Bear sizes. . . . Passing through suburban neighborhoods, Goldilocks would notice oversized new houses, many built on undersized lots despite their turrets and faux-chateau pretensions. Real-estate brokers politely call the trend 'mansionization.'
— Marilyn Gardner, "Whatever happened to 'small is beautiful'?," The Christian Science Monitor, January 26, 2000
Earliest Citation:
Responding to complaints about what some residents are calling the "mansionization" of Glendale, Mayor Jerold Milner said Tuesday that he will recommend imposing size caps on single family homes at an upcoming City Council study session.
Milner's comment came in the wake of a controversy over a 7,150-square-foot home under construction at 1621 Vista Drive, which residents claim will ruin the neighborhood's character.
— Santiago O'Donnell, "Glendale to Consider Limits on Behemoth Homes," Los Angeles Times, August 3, 1989
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